In today’s word, being resourceful is the one of the best ways into becoming successful. The Internet has opened up a new world for us. Full of millions of resources to search and discovering tons of new ideas and information that you would’ve never been able to find before. There is so much information being put out in the internet day by day, I believe one single human wouldn’t be able to go through everything in it’s lifetime. With the click of a button, you can find exactly what you were looking for. We have been so accustomed to being in a world of high demand. Anything we need, we have to have it at the palm of our hands. The Internet has provided us with much more then that. We can communicate with people from around the world, buy clothes while you’re at home on your laptop watching television, or even watch your favorite music artist being streamed live from a concert. I believe digital communities create a more inclusive space due to the fact that anyone in the whole world can be in contact with each other. They all generate different types of ideologies since there is different ways in these communities can be used. They can be used to bring people together, or even to have others stand apart. The possibilities are endless and who knows what’s yet to come. There is still tons of different ways that we can use the Internet to help us in our daily lives.

When it comes to down to business, marketing and advertisement is key to following through with your ideas. The Internet has been able to keep with our demands on allowing others around the world to be advised on anything that is trending. This is important for many people; some actually rely on the Internet to keep a business where it’s. One of the biggest and most successful ways of putting yourself out on the Internet is blogs, social media, or a video-sharing website that was created by 3 former PayPal employees in February of 2005 called YouTube.

According to YouTube statistics, every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views. Also, more than a million advertisers are using Google ad platforms, the majority of which are small businesses. This is a perfect foundation for people who are trying to advertise, as well as put themselves and their voice out there in the world. These people can range from comedians, make-up specialists, and daily bloggers, to product reviewers, tutorial makers, and even a wide variety of Music Artists.

These Music Artist are able to perform their art in front of a stage that’s able to be viewed by whole world. Anyone can go ahead and watch your video while listening to your music with a click of a button. YouTube has been the number 1 database for Music Videos. With Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video currently having over 1.16 billion views, there is no doubt that YouTube is the go to site for music videos. These artists pay high dollar for these music videos and YouTube understands, therefore paying the artists depending on the views and traffic the certain music video brings in. Many of the new upcoming music artists start by having records of themselves singing and playing their music to start a little buzz going. Then they use Social Medias to self-advertise their channel. Bringing in more and more subscribers, therefore having more views on their videos.

As soon as YouTube starts noticing your views. They tend to help out your advertising by doing things such as putting you up on their homepage. Depending on what category of music you fall under, they can even headline you as top videos that have the most popularity. YouTube then starts to pay you because your channel brings in a lot of traffic to their website. After receiving money from Google, you also have certain companies that advertise before your videos start. This allows you to receive more money that YouTube is being paid from these companies.

After your channel has enough fame, words starts to spread around and even famous artists start recognizing you. This is when your opportunity to catch a record deal comes in. Many record labels are out to give you offers because they know you have a strong fan base. They know that you will sell because of all the views that you have on your channel are all fans that are likely to buy your music. This makes it way easier for a record label to sign since they are not risking anything, since they know you’re already popular, they will just help you branch out your music into tons of different ways such as setting up concerts, selling merchandise, and even giving you different media opportunities.

The reason why YouTube is so important is because we are living in a world on always being online, one way or another. Any a lot of us don’t realize how we can use the Internet to help us out in our daily life. Maybe we can search up a tutorial on how to do a certain task, or even find out a review on a certain product before buying it. Advertising yourself and your talent over the Internet is the best and most successful way of getting word out. You do not how to know much about the Internet to do this. You can just have a computer, a camera, and yourself. These are the 3 essentials tools that you will need, and just with this you can become famous and successful in your craft. No one is let out of this community, unless the country does not allow YouTube. It is a free space for you to put yourself out onto. Anyone can view it and you can look at anyone else’s videos. There is no need to feel as if you are not having the same privileges as others in this sort of community. Certain artists such as Justin Bieber would not be where they are today if it wasn’t for YouTube. Talents are discovered day by day on this video-streaming website and it leads them to very great opportunities in their life. You would never be able to do this before. Many people are taking advantage on this and being able to do what they love and have others admire what they do. Music Artists are trying day by day to have people listen to their music and have fans that appreciate them. This means you can search up an artist that has something ranging from 100-1000 views and they’re amazing, later on along their journey through YouTube can actually find themselves having more than a million views. They will remember being the person that no one listened to, and having the opportunity to put themselves out onto YouTube, therefore allows others to view and give an opinion on the music, and giving them feedback online to allow to artist to know that their music is of interest to someone that might be thousands of miles away.